Time for Cookies


That’s my girl.

This afternoon, she decided she wanted to make cookies. But, she didn’t want any help. So, she grabbed the iPad and looked up “No Bake Recipes.”

She landed at Shugary Sweets’ “Nutella No Bake Cookies.” Had you at Nutella right. Seriously, what is it about Nutella? Why is that stuff so yummy? So so yummy…

Sorry, got sidetracked by the Nutella. So, this afternoon…

I didn’t know that was what she was doing at first. I thought she was playing Minecraft and all of the sudden I start getting these questions.

Mags: “Do we have any whipping cream?”
Me: “No.”
Mags: “Do we have any Nutella?”
Me: “Yes.” (Like duh, what house doesn’t.)
Mags: “Do you like Nutella?”
Me: “Yes.” (I’m not sure why this question was even asked.)
Mags: “Okay. I’ll make these.”
Me: “Huh, what are you doing?” (I’m thinking at this point I needed to look up from the emails I’m frantically sending off to coworkers.)

When I finally did emerge from my email haze, I see ingredients on the counter and a decision being made on the size of the pot needed.

I jumped in.
But, I wasn’t really wanted.

See, she had looked up no bake recipes so she could do it herself. She wanted it to be all her idea and execution. From beginning to end.

So, I stood by. I watched and advised.
And, I waited for her to ask for help.
I waited for her to need me instead of jumping in and just doing.

Let me tell you. It was hard.
I’m a doer. I’m a let’s get it done and move to the next thing kinda gal.

However, that’s not what she needs right now. Not only in making cookies, but in life in general.

What she needs right now is to go it on her own, but know I’m there to help. She needs to try new things, fight her battles, make her choices… all by herself.

We’re moving into the coaching role of parenting here at the House of Hills. We’ve laid the foundation. She knows how to make good decisions. She knows what questions to ask. She knows what things are going to hurt her. Now, she needs to move forward with that knowledge and begin the task of going it on her own, with us just here to guide.

So, that’s what I did tonight with the cookies. I guided. I suggested. I bit my tongue when it wasn’t exactly the way I would do it.

The result.


Some pretty awesome cookies… All ready to share with her cousins on Saturday.

Are you in the coaching role of parenting yet? Any tips?

4 thoughts on “Time for Cookies

  1. I love your introspection. I think I may just bite a hole through my tongue. I’m not very good at it though. It is killing me to relinquish control, and the kids are unpredictable on when they want help and don’t. It is a bit of a mine field! The cookies look yummy!

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