Singing and Dancing for a GREAT Cause

Last week I sent my girl to drama camp. Well, there’s nothing really amazing about that is there? But, this camp was different.

See, my awesome, amazing, lovely, wonderful friend, Jana, lost her husband last month. He had a brain aneurism. In a matter of days, Jana lost her best friend, and four beautiful girls lost their father.

In addition, drama students from all over the county lost a leader, a visionary, a man who wanted to make a difference in the world. Cue52 lost one of its founders.

It was (and still is) heartbreaking.

Maggie has done a couple shows with Cue52, and Jana leads her worship team on Sunday mornings. So, when they decided to do a drama camp to raise money for the Jackson ladies, we were all in!

Over 70 kids came to camp last week. Every penny that was paid as “tuition” was given to the Jacksons. All the mentors (that’s what they call the leaders) donated their time, and moms pitched in to do everything they could.

Friday night, they put on a show. It was fantastic!!!

My girl was chosen to play Ariel, and she loved it. But more awesome than that was to watch sixty girls dressed like princesses all working together to shower their love on Princess Jana.

Princess Jana and Maggie





We love the Jackson girls, and I know from losing my Katie over two years ago that their journey into this new life has just begun. They will continue to need support both spiritually and financially. If you would like to help with the latter, you can at


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