It’s Been FOUR Years

It’s February 15th. For many, that means it’s time to run to the store to get all the Valentine’s Day merchandise for half-price (and I will be hitting Target later today).

However, for me and many of my closest friends, it’s a day to stop and reflect. I time to mourn. I time to remember an amazing lady, my Katie.

ItsBeenFOURYears_01 Four years ago my Katie breathed her last breath. Four years ago two awesome kids lost their mama and a wonderful friend lost his true love. Four years ago the world lost an absolutely amazing woman of God.

But, what I’ve come to realize is that we didn’t really lose her. She’s not really gone. Oh yes, her physical being is no longer here. But, her spirit… her spirit is alive and strong. The relationships God used her to orchestrate are stronger than ever, and they do MIGHTY things for His Kingdom.

That picture above wasn’t taken when Katie passed. It was taken just two months ago when we got together to celebrate Katie’s birthday. The Sisters were brought together by the one and only Katie. Our friendship formed in the wake of her death. She knew we needed each other and that her family needed us, and she worked to make that happen.


I was reading the Eulogy I wrote for Katie’s service like I do every year on this day, and a few things I wrote popped out at me.

God did something very special in that small group. He was already planning for today.

She made sure that you [Scott and kids] were surrounded by people who love you very much. She wanted to make sure that you always had plenty of hugs and plenty of love. I think she did a pretty good job of that don’t you.

God knew when I met Katie that her life was going to be cut short by the evil that is cancer. He knew, and He orchestrated relationships and circumstances so that she would be taken care of during her illness and her family would be loved after she was gone. As I look back on it today, I am in awe of it all.

And, I am thankful. I am so very thankful that God was able to take something horrible and make something wonderful. I’m so very thankful that from the devastating loss we experienced together a stronger faith and community was formed. And, I’m so thankful that these kids get to grow up together knowing how much Katie loved each of them.


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  1. I am glad to see you healing. Although I never really knew her , though I feel like I did from you writings, I am sure that the one thing she would want most for you is to heal.

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