#HOHGETSFIT February 2015 Review

A few weeks ago I shared about my new #HOHGETSFIT journey here on the blog. You were all so kind with your encouraging words and shout outs of “Way to go!” It really meant a lot. It meant so much that it’s helped me keep going!!

So, I thought I’d do a #HOHGETSFIT February review. I thought about doing a weekly update, but let’s be real friends. That’s not going to happen.

Remember, I started this #HOHGETSFIT journey in January. In fact, the first weight entry (since the last one in 2013) in the My Fitness Pal app is January 22nd. So, I consider that the day I got serious!

Throughout the month of February, I had several wins!

I got myself the right equipment. A good water bottle and some decent headphones. Don’t underestimate the need for the proper workout accessories. I’ve since added a towel to this pile I take with me every day.  IMG_8126

I added strength training into my week. I now do this 3o minute circuit three times a week in addition to my cardio work. It’s making a HUGE difference. I have little muscles in my arms now!


On February 10th I went a FULL MILE on the elliptical. This was HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! And please notice the speed. So slow. But, I DID IT! And, I celebrate every goal met. Lots of you celebrated this one with me on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for that!


Then, on February 14th, I did the mile on the elliptical in under fifteen minutes. That meant I was getting faster and stronger. I was so excited. You guys celebrated this one with me too!


On the 19th, we headed down to Disney for Maggie’s Drama Competition. It was an amazing weekend full of great fun and LOTS OF WALKING. I didn’t hit the gym while I was there, but I watched what I ate and did I mention the WALKING! The biggest #HOHGETSFIT win of the trip was that I didn’t gain any weight. I always gain weight at Disney.


Then, the day after we returned from Disney I was back in the gym. I knew if I took even one day off, I would give into my excuses for days upon days after that. It was a huge win that I went straight back into #HOHGETSFIT.


One of the most fun wins of February was that I was able to get workout pants on under my jeans! The fact that there was room under the jeans for anything besides me was AMAZING. We had some seriously cold weather, and I wanted to be outside taking pictures of Maggie. I was so thankful to be able to wear another layer UNDER MY JEANS!


I worked out Monday through Saturday every week of February except when I was at Disney. But, DID I MENTION THE WALKING THERE? I let myself rest on Sunday, but Monday morning I’m always right back at it.



I worked out consistently.
I logged my food in the My Fitness Pal app every day.
I lost ten pounds.

February 2016 was a good month for #HOHGETSFIT.

I can’t wait to see what March brings!

6 thoughts on “#HOHGETSFIT February 2015 Review

  1. So proud of you Sister. Met goals, got stronger, got healthier, lost weight, stayed with it. Very proud. You go girl! xoxo

  2. I have always hated to work out on the equipment in the gym. You have inspired me to do so. Thanks Kathy!

    • I’ve decided I have to go to the gym or I find excuses not to do the work. At home, there is always laundry to do and meals to prepare. At the gym, it’s just me and the equipment… and lots of other people who don’t care what I’m doing.

    • I’ll know I inspired you when you tell me what you’re doing for you. 😉 Thanks for the affirmation. I really do appreciate it. You can do it too. Goodness knows, if my lazy self can get moving, anyone can.

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