The Water Slide

Mags has finally conquered a major fear – the water slide!  Today at Lifetime Fitness Mommy encouraged her to try the slide.  After explaining that it wasn’t much longer than the slide she had just gone down at the aquarium and promising to do it too, Mommy got Maggie to walk up the stairs.

Once up the stairs, Maggie began to have MAJOR second thoughts.  As she was deciding not to go, a little boy at least one year younger said “I’ll go!” and went down.  Well, that was the last straw. Maggie was not going to be outdone by someone smaller. So, down she went. There was quite the scream as she entered the turn so I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I met her at the bottom. As promised, Mommy went down too, and when we met at the side of the pool, Maggie was all grin and the dimples were shining. 
“That was AWESOME!!!” she said.  When asked why she screamed, she looked at me and said, “Because I was so excited. I want to go again.”  
Needless to say, Mommy then moved our things to be closer to the slide and sat down in a lounge chair to watch.  She went over and over and over.  I totally lost track of how many times. Even when it was time to go, I kept hearing “Just one more time!”  
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her conquering her fear.  Does this mean a roller coaster at Disney? Hmmmm….

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