End of Summer

Maggie finished out her summer in style!

She did one week of gymnastics camp and then a three day cheerleading camp at Chattahoochee High School.  The best thing about cheerleading camp is that Maggie gets to be with friends from NPCC weekday.  
The craziest thing about cheerleading camp is that 
Mommy has flashbacks every time she walks in the gym since both of her brothers graduated from there.  Also, some of the high school girls are girls that Mommy taught way back when!

We spent the last few days of vacation hanging out as a family and got a couple more good swims in. 
Looking back, I would say it was an awesome summer.  Mags had a great time and so did her parents. I’m in the process of making a photo book for Maggie of all her summer activities and there were tons! She’s already talking about what she wants to do next year!

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