Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things I Learned in the ER

I spent yesterday in the ER while my friend Katie battled against the infection that is ravaging her body. For more information on Katie’s status visit her Caring Bridge site.
This is what I learned while sitting in the ER waiting room….
1. NEVER touch the counter where you talk to the nurse when you first come in. Everyone leans on it and sneezes on it and places their sick kids behinds on it. YUCK!
2. Keep a large bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times. See the above, plus you don’t know who else has touched what.
3. My brother is a sweetie – he offered to come and sit with me since my hubby is out of town.
4. You need to double check your computer bag for your power cord before leaving the house. Even if you’re sure it’s there, you need to check. Because, running out of power while miles from home is not good.
5. Just because your iPhone battery says it’s full, if you’ve been on it all day, it’s probably NOT.
6. You can do A LOT of research and correspondence on an iPhone.
7. You can get really tired just sitting all afternoon.
8. The staff at Northside Forsyth are SO kind. They were warm and helpful to everyone who came into the ER and to me asking questions.
9. It is amazing to watch the body of Christ in action. There has been such an outpouring of support for Katie and her family yesterday. It’s awesome.
10. God is good, and He is all powerful.
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