How Are You?

How often do you get asked or even ask this question? It’s an American standard. You see someone and you ask how they are. But, do you really want to know? You expect to hear the answer “fine” or “good” and are shocked when that’s not what you get. You might even stumble in the conversation and not know what to say next.

Then, you have those really good friends, that when they know you’re in a crisis and ask “How are you?” they really mean it. It’s said in a different tone with warmth and compassion in their eyes. It’s not flippant, and they don’t expect “fine” or “good.” They really want to know how you are.
I have some good friends like that. And, they’ve rallied around me in the last few days. As I type this and think of them, there are tears running down my face. I am so blessed to have these people in my life – friends and family – who really care about how I am. That know I am in pain and want to take some of that burden from me. I am so thankful for them, and I’m not sure how to tell them. They are very special gifts, and I treasure every one.
To answer the question. I’m doing “OK.” And, I am blessed beyond measure to walk through this valley with my friends on every side.

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