Works for Me Wednesday: Sledding without a Sled

In case you haven’t heard, there has been just a bit (like half a foot!) of snow here in the ATL. And people, it ain’t going nowhere! As in, we are all snowed in, which isn’t a bad thing really. The first snow day we had a TON of fun sliding down the hill on the golf course, so we headed out there for a second day.

The problem was, the nice neighbors who had lent us their awesome sleds weren’t out, so we had to use our own stuff. I have an great sled with runners from back in the day, but this snow wasn’t good for that type of sled. We needed something slick that distributed the Princess’s weight evenly so it would go fast.

So, we tried….

A swim ring.

A boogie board from our last beach trip.

A pool boat for toddlers.

The verdict – the pool boat worked the best, especially when weight was distributed across the sides and no booty was in the boat. Then, another neighbor came out with his two girls, a can of silicone spray and two trash can lids. We shared our pool floats, and he shared his silicone spray, and they got some good speed going down the hill.

Sledding without a sled… it works for me… and it works for her too…

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